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Personalized MCAT Prep from 525+ Scoring Experts

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Why Choose Us?

True personalization

We don't offer a "one-size-fits-all" approach like our competitors. We personalize the exam prep process for each student, ensuring they receive tailored support and guidance.

Higher quality

Our instructors are required to have scored above the 99.9th percentile and have past teaching experience, unlike most other companies that hire instructors with just a 95th percentile score and no teaching experience. This ensures our students receive the best instruction possible.

Customer service

When you purchase a package through 1SM, you gain access to a network with dozens of absurdly high scorers, expert instructors, virtually unlimited resources, and personal cell phone numbers for everyone involved!

Lower cost

Despite offering superior services, our services are ~20% less costly than our competitors. We also offer long-term payment plans, making high-end exam prep more accessible than would be possible otherwise.

What We Do


Work 1-on-1 with 525+ scoring tutors to personalize your MCAT approach en route to maximizing your potential.


Work 1-on-1 with 175+ scoring tutors to personalize your LSAT approach en route to maximizing your potential.

Admissions Advising

Mock interviews, essay editing, & holistic application review from MD & JD members of medical school & law school admissions committees.

College Prep

Learn strategies for crushing the SAT/ACT from perfect scorers.

Then work with our team of Ivy League grads to perfect your college applications.

Our Philosophy

One size never fits all — especially when it comes to studying for the MCAT. Each student is a unique blend of strengths, weaknesses, time constraints, study habits, and hang-ups. Learning from a script won’t cut it. 

We hire true MCAT experts — 525+ scorers with significant teaching experience — to deliver the most personalized MCAT tutoring  on the market. From your sessions to your study plans, your tutor uses their extensive knowledge of the exam to tailor this process to your specific needs.

No two plans look alike, and neither do study schedules. That’s why we created the 1SMCAT AI Assistant to ensure you have access to comprehensive and precise answers for your most pressing questions — no matter what time you’re hitting the books. It’s the tutor that never sleeps. 

Personalization. Expert instruction. A commitment to quality & service. These are the 1 Source Prep promises. Now, let's maximize your MCAT score. 

Meet the Team

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What Students Say About Us

Don't believe us?
Not willing to trust reviews curated by the site owner? Good! You shouldn't be. Click the link below to read these along with our growing collection of 5-star Google Reviews.
I really appreciated working with Joe to study for the MCAT. He was able to help me improve my score about 16 points and was incredibly flexible and understanding given my hectic schedule. Would highly recommend 1source medicine to anyone in need of reliable MCAT tutoring!
My son's FL scores hadn't budged, and he was aiming for 515+, so I suggested he try a tutor for his last 6-8 weeks of studying. We contacted 4 tutors on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, and Joe was the only one who immediately replied and scheduled a meeting that night. I liked the way 1SM handled their billing (they record your sessions and only charge for the time spent on actual tutoring), they have several 525+ tutors (if you don't mesh with one, you can try out a different tutor), the tutor my son was matched with was insightful and able to see exactly what his issues were, and she was always available to answer questions via text/email (not just during a tutoring session). Joe was also available all the time to answer any questions. They know what they are doing, and my son's FL jumped 7 points after being tutored for a little over 3 weeks. Try 1SM out. You won't regret going with them.
Probably the best MCAT prep company that you could come to. All the tutors are top scorers unlike many other tutoring companies. I had Landon as a tutor and he did amazing. Always responsive to questions, and made sure to explain everything as in depth as possible.
Joe and the rest of the 1SM team were honestly an integral part of studying for my MCAT. The prep course I took with another company prior to doing tutoring with 1SM felt really rushed and I felt like I wasn’t learning enough for the amount of time I put in. With 1SM, Joe was able to help me hand tailor a study schedule and work out the little issues that I had in all my sections. I also thought him and the rest of his tutors were extremely helpful, and were able to answer my questions quickly and concisely. They all have such an amazing grasp on the MCAT material, which definitely made my tutoring time a lot more efficient as well. I honestly recommend 1SM to every single person I meet that says they need a tutor for the MCAT, simply because of how great my experience was. My score on the test after tutoring with them also jumped 11 points, so if none of what I said previously was convincing enough I think that on its own speaks volumes.
Sana is super helpful in terms of gauging where I’m at and working up from there. She is extremely knowledgeable, flexible, and methodical when it comes to preparing me for the exam. Not only has my score increased, but I proceed with more confidence through passages that would have been difficult for me before I started classes with her.
Every single part of my experience with 1SM has been equally educational, accommodating, and comfortable for the learning experience I was searching for and I could not have done it without the help of my tutor Sana and the guidance of Joe. I am so glad I chose this MCAT tutoring service, as I think it is the reason why I have been constantly improving and making my prep into the best version of itself it can be. I would recommend 1SM to anyone looking for a prep company that is personalized and accessible at any hour!!! Thank you 1SM!!!!!

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Complimentary Consultation

In your free 30-minute consultation, we'll explore how you learn best, get to know your academic history, and chat about your MCAT goals. From there, we'll walk you through our prep process and share studying & test-taking recommendations tailored to your needs whether you choose to work with us or not.

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