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Your 1 Source for Medical School Prep

Personalized MCAT prep from 525+ scoring experts, top tier admissions advising, and community resources curated just for you.

Why choose 1 Source for your MCAT prep?

We offer everything you need to achieve the MCAT score and med school admission of your dreams. Check out how we can help you achieve your best!

Optimize your score with a tailored study plan and one-on-one guidance from our 525+ scoring experts. You will integrate key concepts, master strategies to capitalize on your strengths, and address your areas of greatest opportunity.

Turbocharge your prep with our comprehensive live online courses. You will level up your knowledge of key MCAT concepts, improve your test-taking confidence, and be on your way to your personal best MCAT score.

Build your most competitive medical school application for your target school. You will work with MDs with extensive admissions committee experience to help you develop a compelling narrative and put your best foot forward.

Not sure where to start? Join us for a free webinar to sample our content, courses, and advising expertise. You will gain a sneak peek into the tailored, quality approach we bring to everything we do at 1 Source.

Additional resources:

1SM AI Study Assistant

1SM AI Study Assistant

1SM AI Study Assistant


Introducing our 1SMCAT AI Study Assistant

We've helped hundreds of first-time testers and re-takers achieve their personal best MCAT scores. Now, you can access this expertise 24/7!
Our 1SMCAT AI Study Assistant trained on more than 5,000 hours of expert instruction and tutoring. Try our Free 1SMCAT AI Study Assistant here.
Starting in Spring 2024, 1 Source students can gain access to our new and improved Premium AI Virtual Study Assistant.

Schedule a complimentary consultation with our Founder. We'll discuss your goals, assess your current preparation, and provide personalized guidance to set you on the path to MCAT success.


Hi, I'm Joe.

I founded 1SM in response to cookie-cutter MCAT prep leading to subpar performance. You have unique study habits, strengths, and pain points — your MCAT prep should be tailored to you. That’s why we only employ 525+ scoring instructors with previous teaching experience who can go off-script on key concepts — and esoteric ones. That’s the 1SM difference. Let’s work together.

Meet our experts

Quite simply, we work with the best. Every 1 Source MCAT Expert scored a 525+ on the MCAT and is a skilled instructor with the ability to personalize every aspect of the exam prep process. They want to help you achieve your personal best, too.
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