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Unleash Your MCAT Superpowers with the Blind Review Process!

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

Hey, future doctors! Are you ready to conquer the MCAT with a secret weapon that will not only improve your scores but also help you become the master of AAMC logic? It's time to learn about the blind review process, a method that seems too good to be true (but we promise it works!). Say goodbye to those pesky, confusing passages and questions, because you're about to become an MCAT superhero.

So, what's this magical blind review process all about? Picture this: you've just completed a set of MCAT practice questions, and let's be real, you got a few wrong (it's okay, we've all been there). Instead of jumping straight into those pesky explanations and correct answers, you resist the temptation and redo those questions WITHOUT peeking at the correct answers or explanations. Sounds crazy, right? But trust us, there's a method to this madness.

By redoing those questions, you're forcing yourself to dig deep and critically analyze the passages and questions to find the right answer using your own reasoning skills. This might seem like a tough task, especially when you know that there's a convenient explanation right around the corner, but the blind review process is all about honing your critical reasoning skills. It's like going to the gym for your brain, and you're working on your AAMC logic muscles (which can sometimes feel like trying to lift an elephant, we know).

Once you've retraced your steps and finally arrived at the correct answer using your own critical reasoning, take a moment to write down, in your own words, how the logic that led you to the correct answer is different from the logic you initially used. This might seem like a time-consuming extra step, but believe it or not, this is where the magic happens.

Analyzing your thought process and understanding the difference between the logic you initially used and the AAMC-approved logic will help you uncover patterns and strategies that will directly translate to score improvements. Plus, as an added bonus, improving your critical reasoning skills will make you a clinical reasoning rockstar once you reach that point in your medical career.

We get it, the AAMC logic can sometimes feel like it's from another planet, but the blind review process helps you decode the mysteries of this otherworldly logic. So, embrace the challenge and give this process a try! You'll be amazed by the progress you'll make, not only in tackling those seemingly convoluted AAMC passages and questions but also in becoming a better problem solver in your future medical practice.

Now, go forth and conquer the MCAT with your newfound superpowers! We believe in you, and you should too!

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