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Learn why our students reported an average score >517 during the 2022 MCAT cycle Why should students trust 1SM with their MCAT prep? 1. We only hire 99.9th percentile scorers. Most companies in the MCAT prep industry espouse a 95th percentile minimum score for instructors/tutors. While 95th percentile on the MCAT is legitimately great (approximately 518), it has been our experience that teaching “off script” is far more demanding than beating out 19 of 20 MCAT test takers. 2. Higher quality at half the price. We charge far less than the prominent names in the MCAT prep industry. Most companies that offer packages comparable to ours will charge more than 140% what we’re asking- not to mention the massive gap in quality already discussed! 3. The 3 Ps: Personalization, personalization, etc. How is it that the industry giants pedal mediocre instruction at exorbitant prices? They develop “one size fits all” prep programs which enable their instructors to repeatedly polish presentations for a tiny fraction of MCAT-relevant content & concepts. At 1SM, we do the exact opposite, working with students from the time of their initial consultations to develop prep strategies that optimally address their individual needs. 4. We've partnered with UWorld. Why not work with the single most important 3rd party resource creator out there? All students purchasing our Comprehensive Packages will receive access to the highest quality MCAT question bank on the market, completely free. That’s right, FREE access to UWorld’s 2,200+ questions, complete with stellar explanations! Even if you choose not to work with us, you will need UWorld. 5. The 1SM Efficient Prep Promise. Pricing our services is dependent upon the costs inherent to working with expert instructors. As such, inefficiency is expensive. While our competitors expect students to bear the brunt of this cost, we've adopted a more honest, student-friendly perspective: The way we see it, each session’s efficiency should be evaluated independently. Do you really want to pay >$100/hr just to tell someone about your weekend at the top of a meeting? What about when your brilliant, yet human, tutor makes a [rare] mistake? Should the clock keep running while they correct the error? Contrary to other tutoring firms, we think NOT, which is why our students will only ever pay for Time Spent Efficiently, tracked on a 'per-minute' basis, and always subject to challenge by the students, themselves.

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  • 1 Source Medicine, North Ervay Street, Dallas, TX, USA

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