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MCAT Tutor


BS - Biological Engineering, University of Georgia, First Honor Graduate, Summa Cum Laude, with Honors (2022)

MD - Washington University in St. Louis (2026)

Favorite MCAT subject(s) to teach

Physiology and biochemistry are my favorite subjects to teach because I think it is fascinating how such intricate mechanisms work in harmony to generate life and allow us do our everyday activities.

Why I am an MCAT Tutor

I am teaching MCAT material because I am passionate about medical education, and the MCAT is the first step in the long process of becoming a physician. I have recent, firsthand experience with the demanding nature of MCAT studying, so I enjoy sharing my own knowledge, strategies, and personal experiences to help prospective medical students prepare appropriately and build confidence before tackling the monster that is the MCAT. Despite the sheer volume of knowledge, the challenging concepts, and the critical thinking skills required do well on the MCAT, I believe that with the right guidance and sufficient diligence, any premed student can reach their MCAT goals.

Plans for the future

I plan to apply to general surgery residency with the ultimate goal of subspecializing in either HPB surgery or surgical oncology.

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