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College Prep

At 1 Source Prep, we believe in providing comprehensive support to students who are preparing for college. Our personalized approach extends from standardized exam prep (ACT, SAT, etc.) to essay editing & holistic admissions advising for college applications.

Our expert instructors & advisors work closely with students to identify areas of weakness and create personalized study plans that meets their individual needs.

Comprehensive Packages:


Note: Comprehensive Packages need NOT to be purchased all at once. We offer a variety of weekly and monthly payment plans. Please contact us via the chat box or set up a FREE consultation for more information.

Starting with the initial consultation, you will work 1-on-1 with our team of 525+ scoring Experts to design, implement, modify, and ultimately execute a hyper-personalized MCAT prep plan. In creating and adapting your MCAT syllabus, we account for your weaknesses, exploit your strengths, curate your resources, optimize your study habits, and accommodate your extracurricular responsibilities.


As you progress through the MCAT prep process, your individual study efforts will be augmented by meetings with our Experts. Generally, these take place between 1 and 3 days per week; however, scheduling, like everything else, is very flexible. In fact, a few past students have even opted for 'as-needed' meetings throughout.

During these meetings, our primary goals are to discuss the topics you most need addressed, to facilitate your integrated understanding of content and concepts, and help you to incorporate key strategies for maximizing outcomes on the MCAT. Due to our commitment to personalization, no two sessions will ever be alike, meaning nothing will ever be scripted and we'll always teach to your learning style. This is why the requirements for joining our team of Experts are the most stringent in the MCAT prep industry.

  1. 10 hrs of 1-on-1 coaching from an Expert Instructor (525+ scorer).

  2. Personalized MCAT approach designed to meet your needs.

  3. FREE UWorld subscription w/ 2,300 MCAT-style Practice Questions.

  4. Efficient Prep Promise: We only count dedicated MCAT time.

  5. Access to hundreds of pages of 1SM study guides & videos.

  6. HD Videos from all coaching sessions + Session Notes PDFs.

  7. $100 credit toward purchase of application/admissions pkgs.


All of our SAT tutors have achieved perfect scores on their own exams. More importantly, they bring hundreds of hours of tutoring experience to the table.

When combined with the 1 Source Prep tutoring system, these individuals offer unparalleled support for the most critical exams of young students' academic careers.


Every ACT tutor at 1 Source Prep has scored a 36 on each section they teach.


As is the case with our MCAT, LSAT, and SAT tutors, these individuals boast unmatched experience in their domain, and have track records of helping students make wild leaps toward achieving their scholarship and admissions goals.

College Admission Advising

Each of our expert advisors is an Ivy League graduate with years of experience helping applicants construct essays and hone applications.


They provide comprehensive support to students applying to college, including identifying potential colleges, crafting application essays, and navigating financial aid, to help students achieve their academic and career aspirations.

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