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Expert Guidance for Medical School Admissions

Our comprehensive approach covers all aspects of the application process, from personal statements to the interview stage.  

Admissions Experts

Our Admissions Advisors are MDs with experience serving on medical school admissions committees. They share an unbeatable perspective from the opposite side of the table.

Professional Writing Services

Typos happen. But not with our complimentary grammar, style, and fluency edits by trained writers. We ensure that your ideas and content are clearly communicated. 

Mock Interviews

Go through a realistic practice session with our adcomm experts, giving you a chance to ace this critical part of the application process. Watch back the recording and access an hour-long critique for every response and mannerism.

Ultimate Personalization

Work with us directly or one of of affiliate partners to ensure that you get what you need. We've highly vetted our team of experts and partners to make sure they can serve every student. 

What sets our admissions services apart?

We're here to guide you through all aspects of the primary & secondary applications, and offer a unique mock interview service to address the most important component of your applicant profile.

Unlock your full potential

Pricing for our admissions packages is highly variable based on the level of expertise and number of hours you desire. View the pricing table for hourly rates or standard packages.

20 Hours


30 Hours


10 Hours


5 Hours


1 Hour




Medical student

Ready to tackle admissions together? Schedule a free consultation today!

Schedule your consultation to discuss standard or custom packages, payment plans, and our monthly interest-free financing to suit your particular needs. You can also message us in the chat for details!

Schedule a complimentary consultation with our Founder. We'll discuss your goals, assess your current preparation, and provide personalized guidance to set you on the path to admissions success.

I founded 1SM in response to cookie-cutter MCAT prep leading to subpar performance. You have a unique story and reason for pursuing medicine — your MCAT prep and admissions advising should be tailored to you. That’s why we only work with advisors that are MDs and have experience serving on admissions committees at top medical schools. That’s the 1SM difference. Let’s work together.


Hi, I'm Joe.

Your 1 Source for MCAT Prep

We offer everything you need to achieve the MCAT score and med school admission of your dreams!
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