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Meet your 24/7 MCAT virtual study assistant.

Like your smartest study buddy. But better.

AI In Action

Your MCAT AI Study Assistant is here for all your study needs. Get started by asking questions like, "What are the differences between alternative splicing and polycistronic mRNA?". Then have a conversation like you would with your tutor. Ask for further elaboration, clarification, study strategies, or mnemonic devices to help you remember concepts and/or facts.

Watch the video for a sneak peek!

Level up your MCAT Prep with AI-Powered Learning

Unleash your potential with a cutting-edge virtual study assistant.

Trained by Top Experts

This isn’t your average chatbot. Our AI is powered by 5,000 hours of exclusive material, providing unrivaled expertise from our 99th percentile MCAT Experts.

Anytime Access

Boost comprehension, analysis, and reasoning skills with detailed explanations. Grasp the "why" behind each answer and dominate the MCAT.

In-Depth Explanations

Built to improve your comprehension, analysis, and reasoning skills, your virtual study assistant provides you with in-depth explanations to your questions so you understand the “why” behind the answer.

From Snapshot to Success

Upgrade to our Premium Vision-Enabled Study Assistant. Snap passages or questions, get real-time answers, and watch your score soar. Your shortcut to top-tier success.

Unlock your potential

Select the plan that works best for you

  • Free MCAT Virtual Study Assistant

    Chat with our expert-trained AI to get real-time feedback on questions and content.
    Free Plan
    • Expert-trained AI
    • 24/7 access
    • Chat functionality with in-depth explanations
  • Best Value

    Premium MCAT Virtual Study Assistant

    Every month
    Get explanations by submitting screenshots of practice questions to a MCAT-primed GPT-4 model
     7 day free trial
    • Vision-enabled functionality to upload screenshots
    • Faster response time
    • Expert-trained AI
    • 24/7 access
    • Chat functionality with in-depth explanations

Your 1 Source for MCAT Prep

We offer everything you need to achieve the MCAT score and med school admission of your dreams!

Is 1 Source Prep for me?

Schedule a free consultation to discuss your MCAT goals and start a personalized preparation plan that suits your needs.
Join 1 Source Prep today and experience the difference in your test scores and medical school journey!
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