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Law School Admissions Advising

Work through your law school application process with help from experts with experience serving on admissions committees.

We're here to guide you through all aspects of the primary & secondary applications, and offer a unique mock interview service specifically geared to address the most important component of your applicant profile.

Our Process

Work with our team of current & former JD Admissions Committee members OR one of our affiliates (see more below) to edit your essays and review your primary and secondary applications.
  • The biggest names in our industry build their prep courses around high scorers (518-521) who shine brightest when teaching from scripted lesson plans. At 1SM,, we’ve abandoned scripted sessions and, with them, the caliber of instructors whose expertise depends on a rigged game. 


    In their stead, we’ve staffed our team with true experts, all of whom have scored above the 99.9th percentile (524+). We also have a rigorous training process in which each tutor is required to train with multiple experts and demonstrate their capacity prior to setting out on their own. 

    Objectively speaking, we employ the most qualified tutors and coaches in the industry. And that is how we’re able to personalize your approach.

  • True to our overarching commitment to personalization, our Admissions Advising services recognize that because no two applicants are the same, so their application processes be either.

    1SM Pricing Options:

    1. Hourly Pay-As-You-Go Plans: Retain the flexibility to use as many or few hours as needed. With these plans, you pre-pay for a set number of hours and use them to meet or receive edits as needed. When your credits run out, we'll charge you the same, flat rate for more time. If you finish with hours left, we'll refund the remaining balance. Simple, clean, and easy.

    2. Comprehensive Plans: Different packaging for the same great services. Rather than paying per time spent on your essays, these plans allow you to know the exact dollar amount you'll pay for each service ahead of time.

    Affiliate Programs:

    If you've worked with us for a while, you'll know we started as an MCAT prep company. In the early days, we were fortunate to partner with a couple excellent admissions-first companies to provide services for our students. Because we trust these people and the work they do, we've opted to keep referring to them as means of keeping options open for our students who might find their approaches more suitable.

    1. BPM Advising: Work with the most highly-qualified group of medical students you can find on the internet. Contrary to our admissions team, which is replete with MD admissions committee members, the BPM team features medical students from top-tier institutions who recently crushed the med school admissions process.

    2. Passport Admissions: The passport team offers yet another approach. While their advisors haven't directly participated in the process themselves, they have been advising students for 23 years and bring an unbelievable amount of evidence-based experience to the table.

  • Pricing our services is dependent upon the costs inherent to working with expert instructors. As such, inefficiency is expensive. While our competitors expect students to bear the brunt of this cost, we've adopted a more honest, student-friendly perspective: The way we see it, each session’s efficiency should be evaluated independently. 


    Do you really want to pay >$100/hr to tell someone about your weekend at the top of a meeting? What about when you need to spend half an hour updating your MCAT prep syllabus because you got behind during mid-terms? Should the clock keep running during these sorts of clerical tasks? 


    Contrary to the philosophies of other tutoring firms, we think NOT, which is why our students will only ever pay for time spent efficiently, tracked on a 'per-minute' basis in each meeting, and subject to review by the students, themselves.

  • Starting in mid-May of 2023, we're providing each student with their own, individualized instance of our adaptive, GPT-powered, MCAT assistant. Your 1SMBot (as we affectionately refer to it) has been trained on tens of thousands of hours of our 1-on-1 tutoring sessions, as well as all publicly available MCAT data released by the AAMC since 2015. 


    In keeping with our overarching focus on personalization, it also remembers every interaction it has ever had with you, personally, which means it will be able to adapt explanations and provide advice specifically tailored to meet YOUR needs. Just remember, one of these days we may all end up working for it… So make sure you mind your manners in the chat ;)

  • Having an expert tutor capable of answering all your questions off-script is awesome, no doubt about it. But what about those insanely frustrating moments when you’re studying alone and struggling with a specific concept or topic? Sure, you can always ask your personalized 1SMBot, but what if you want to hear what a real person has to say?


    In the past, we’ve always given students the phone numbers and email addresses for our founder (because he’s stupid) and for their individual tutors (because they’re saints). We’re still going to be doing that, but as of May 15, 2023, we’re also giving students the opportunity to interact with ALL of our tutors as well as one another via the 1SM Community Q&A. 

    Think of it as a more carefully curated version of Student Doctor Network or Reddit in which you’re able to ask questions and get answers from peers, but then throw in the enormous benefit of curation by our team of >25 bonafide MCAT experts!

  • We record, edit, and upload each and every tutoring session to 1) your 1SM Student Drive, and 2) your personal, unlisted YouTube playlist. This way, you don’t have to worry about taking notes or retaining every single bit of information during meetings. 


    Rather, you can be totally present for and engaged in the discussion at hand, while simultaneously retaining the option to return for later review. Recently, we’ve found many of our students prefer to review meeting videos at 1.5x while walking to class, working out, or simply winding down at the end of an intense day of studying. 

    Even if these videos don’t become part of your regular study routine, they’re still great to have in scenarios where you forget something that made all the sense in the world a few weeks prior. They also provide amazing metrics for quality control, so we can ensure each of our students receives the highest quality service available.

  • We’ve partnered with UWorld to provide the highest quality MCAT question bank on the market, completely free. That’s right, it’s FREE! When you work with us, you’ll receive 90-days of access to UWorld’s 3000+ questions, complete with the industry’s best explanations. We also have our own faculty portal through their platform, which allows us to access and analyze all your UWorld data so we can ensure your MCAT Syllabus adapts in an evidenced-based manner throughout your prep process.

    Already have UWorld and don’t want to pay for it again? We don’t blame you! Just let us know and we’ll provide a $209 discount/refund to any of the Comprehensive plans listed below. 

  • All of our Comprehensive plans come with credits you can use to sample any of our Admissions Advising services, which include  personal statement prep/editing, holistic primary and secondary application edits and reviews, as well as mock interviews conducted by current and former admissions committee members.


    See our Admissions page for more details on these services.

Admissions Packages

Pricing for our admissions packages is highly variable, depending on whether you prefer to work with a faculty admissions committee member vs a junior admissions committee member still completing training vs a law student with admissions experience. We also offer myriad options for primary & secondary applications, mock interviews, etc. Due to the breadth of choices available, we’ve decided to include a pricing table, which you can access by filling out the form below.

Provide your details to see the pricing plans

Thanks! Here is the link to the plans

Complimentary grammar, style, and fluency edits

While the ideas & content of your essay are what truly matter most, it's always an excellent idea to put your best foot forward and package these ideas as elegantly as possible.
Whether you use us for your entire application, a single essay, or interview coaching alone, our team of professionally trained writers will provide a complimentary final edit of your entire application.

Complimentary grammar, style, & fluency edits

While the ideas & content of your essay are what truly matter most, it's always an excellent idea to put your best foot forward and package these ideas as elegantly as possible.
Whether you use us for your entire application, a single essay, or interview coaching alone, our team of professionally trained writers will provide a complimentary final edit of your entire application.
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